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Dick Broekhuis

Crassus was founded by Dick Broekhuis. Mr. Broekhuis has his roots in the chemical industry for years. His knowledge and network energized new technologies in bio energy projects, chemical industry and solids technology. Read more about Mr. Broekhuis at his LinkedIn website.


"As a process engineer and business owner, Dick is an outstanding expert in biomass related energy sources
with broad & in-depth knowledge of bio-ethanol, biodiesel, pure plant oil, biogas and algae production. He knows how to make use of process engineering for strong biomass concepts that can be build and exploited to serve a number of industries. I strongly believe with his expertise, his connections as well as his choice of business partners, his company - Crassus - will continue its growth and realize the dreams of more and more clients/partners at all levels across the world!”

Rob Korten
February 3, 2008




A combination of lots of years experience in process technology and youthful brilliancy in chemistry makes Crassus Advice4You a cooperation of professionals with a very broad expertise in Bio technology and product development.

Crassus is usable for examining, developing and realisation of innovative, new technology in the field of bioenergy,solids technology and chemistry.

Out of the box thinking, an interactive approach and the will to cooperate bring us to the edge of what you thought would not be possible.


  Generating and implementing excelling expertise for extraordinary results. Dedicated, enthusiastic and with integrity. WITH people, planet and profit. FOR you.




Jasperskamp 24
7418GE Deventer
T: +31 (0)6 39 333 236


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