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Akzo Nobel
Worked with Crassus for its expertize to solve your problems in the field of Solids Processing (transport,shaping, drying,storage, packaging of solids and powders).

Biosoil, Tendris and Solarix
Worked with Crassus for its expertize in biobased business, process technology and project development.

TU Delft
Worked with Crassus for its expertize in biobased business, process technology and project development.



Crassus works with top professionals in the field of bioenergy
Currently, we do projects with professionals of companies such as Tendris, Solarix, Adbrevio, Technical University of Delft, Wageningen University and Research, Van Beek, Mednama and Eldam. Projects are combinations of several technologies, regarding biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel, biomass from algae, LED-technology, et cetera.

  Generating and implementing excelling expertise for extraordinary results. Dedicated, enthusiastic and with integrity. WITH people, planet and profit. FOR you.  








BioSoil is a soil remediation company with extensive and wide-ranging experience in realizing soil remediation operations based on biological attenuation of contaminants (both in situ and on site). Biosoil and Crassus work together in the field of algae and industrial solutions.




Da Vinci Finance
Crassus is also your partner for financing of your projects. Except that Crassus has a good network with investors and financial institutions, we also cooperate with Da Vinci Finance for skilled financial analyses and financing advice. The consultants of Da Vinci Finance are former bankers and have many years of experience on management and Executive Board level. They have required expertise and networks at several financial institutions. From their executive experience they can move themselves in your position as an entrepreneur, advising you in the role of financial coach and sparring partner. Da Vinci Finance is an independent company. They are not allied to banks, financial institutions, consultants or accountants. Da Vinci Finance has experience in several sectors, including renewable energy.


EagleBurgmann, a world leader in the manufacture of mechanical seals and supply systems, offers a complete line of products - from standard, off-the-shelf items to highly sophisticated engineered systems. Their fantastic knowledge on pumps and mechanical seals give them a good understanding of several industrial processes. Crassus works with EagleBurgmann to ensure the best solutions are applied for pumps and sealing.



Solarix and Crassus combine practical and theoretical know-how in the fields of process technology, biodiesel technique, agriculture and management. This enables us to offer our clients a turn-key and profitable solution to produce biodiesel from a large range of oils and fats.

The professioals of Solarix are not only knowledgeble of oleochemistry, they have also large expertise of process techniques and processing used cooking oils and fats. And, in addition we can appeal to an advisory board with renowned
oleochemical experts. Because of our practical and unconventional view on the biodiesel process, the techniques used in our installations are simple and efficient. These are industrial proven process techniques. These solid techniques minimize maintenance and failures.


Tendris is a for-profit operator and initiates for-profit businesses. From conception to execution to distribution to contribution, Tendris is built upon and operates on the principles of sustainability. For instance, in our lab we develop sustainable energy and environmental technologies.
As you read this, teams of scientists and thought leaders work on projects: a variety of revolutionary technologies are in development at our Netherlands-based Tendris Solutions lab. To say the least, it's an exciting place to be.Tendris Solutions develops together with universities and independent scientists sustainable technologies that substantially out-perform.
Crassus and Tendris work together on algae technologies in a number of projects.








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